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Tenders Rfq Eoi
Following is a list of documents that should be provided to tenderers and the order in which these documents would normally be arranged. The building contract may include requirements for the ‘order of precedence of documents’. 

1. Notice to tenderers
Provides the information that tenderers require to prepare and lodge a tender.
2. Conditions of tendering
Provides details about the information that should accompany the tender, the details for lodging tenders
and the matters that will be taken into account when considering tenders.
3. General conditions of contract
Where a standard form building contract is proposed a copy of the building contract does not usually
need to be included with the tender documents. It is sufficient to nominate the contract that will be used
and advise the tenderers how to obtain or view a copy of the contract.
4. Contract schedules
The information contained in the schedules is critical to the tenderer and the tender documents must
include a copy of all the schedules or appendices completed except for items to be submitted by
5. Tender form
It is advisable to provide tenderers with a standard tender form in order to ensure that the tender is
complete and that all the information necessary to review the tender is provided.
6. Schedules of monetary sums
Where tenderers are required to include monetary sums, provisional sums (including specialist
consultants), prime cost sums or provisional allowances in the tender, these must be stated in the tender
documents. Some building contracts require such sums to be included in the schedules within the
contract. Where this is the case a separate schedule is not required.
7. Tender schedules
Includes all schedules that are to be completed and submitted with the tender. Such schedules could
include current commitments, rates, relevant information on proposed ‘particular persons’ and on
separate contracts
8. Technical specification
The main specification and any separate technical specifications for the project prepared by specialist
consultants must be included.
Technical schedules
These include doors, hardware, windows, sanitary fittings, electrical fittings, furniture and so on.
9. Drawings
The drawings for the project must be included, with proper reference to their issue numbers, in numerical
order, including all specialist consultants’ drawings.
10. Bills of quantities (if applicable)
Where applicable, bills of quantities should also be included, together with clear direction regarding
pricing (if required) and the status of bills under the contract.

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