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Councils and OHS requirements make it a condition of the building contract for the following temporary services to be supplied from the start of the building process

Inspect records of recent site-safety-walks:

  • Site-safety-walks must be conducted by contractor’s senior management representative and at least one employee representative, at regular intervals at least fortnightly but more frequently if appropriate for activity on site.
  •  Site-safety-walks observe whether works are being undertaken safely; using correct procedures, equipment and tools.
  • Confirm that observations have been recorded — usually on standard checklist from contractor’s OHS manual.
  • Confirm that issues have been addressed.
  • Confirm that site amenities are being maintained in hygienic conditions.


Inspecting Building Works

Confirm that the following high-risk construction work, is undertaken in accordance with pre-prepared Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). For each SWMS there must be evidence by name or signature, that:

  1. The SWMS is appropriate for the specific site.
  2. Each person performing the work has been trained in the stated methods.

Work Health Safety
Who is Legally Responsible for OH&S? The law says: Your employer has the main responsibility to make sure that the workplace is safe and healthy.

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