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Gp Clinic Construction Fitout

Loumain's GP Clinic construction and fitout expertise & experience


Modern, cost effective medical clinic design and construction of medical centres. 

At Loumain we have extensive experience in turnkey clinic development, premise renovation, building alteration and more. We offer feasibility studies, grant application assistance and advice to General Practitioners, Practice Managers and Clinic Owners.


Medical Centers, General Practice, Specialist Suites, Day Procedure Centre, Superclinics

At Loumain we have been constructing hospital and community based health facilities ranging from community health centres and regional health to multi-disciplinary medical centres.
We know that given its functional complexities, specialist medical building starts with careful planning, drawing out what doctors and practice managers have in mind, as well as accomodating medical staff and patients. We are not only medical centre builders, but advisors and planners working in collaboration with clients, architects and engineers to deliver the best possible outcome.


Transparency and collaboration while working with clients, healthcare architects and designers. Turnkey design & construct management

We also facilitate a comprehensive and collaborative approach for each project, whether it involves medical centre construction and design, refurbishment of existing premises and retro-fitting rooms. Our network of healthcare real estate specialists can assist our clients with property searches.

Our pre-qualified group of financial partners can assist our clients with project finance.
Loumain team also assists clients with town planning and permits, accreditation, lease & sub-lease agreements and much more. 

Contact our Melbourne or brisbane office for a list of completed projects and case studies. 

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Medical Centers, General Practice, Specialist Suites, Day Procedure Centre, Superclinics - broad range of services: