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Commercial Air Conditioning Compressor

 We provide a variety of excellent quality commercial air conditioning brands to suit all manner of lifestyle and homes. We spend extensive timegoing through the HVAC types for our clients and the brand perfectly suits your commercial environment.


Our experienced consultants are available to provide professional advice on the right HVAC or air conditioning system to fit your needs and budget. We offer quality services at affordable prices. We have teams of dedicated installation and service professionals ready to carry out work on all brands and various applications. Our team of professionals possesses essential training and knowledge on HVAC systems installation and repairs, guaranteeing designs of high quality and productivity. Getting the job done on time is also a virtue which we pride ourself on.

We have a large selection of quality units from various brands, clients can choose their preferred model from them.


Types of Air Conditioning Systems

 Split System Air  Chilled Water Air System Commercial Ducted System

Split System Air Conditioners

This is one of the most cost-effective, clean, quiet and versatile forms of air conditioning for all kinds of commercial buildings. Its indoor unit can be fixed on the floor, wall, or attached to the ceiling using refrigerant pipe work and electrical cables connecting to the outdoor unit.


Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted systems can be set to operate in two or more zones. This implies that the air conditioning system can be engaged in different parts of the commercial building during the day, sometimes the warehouse may require more cooling and at other times, the office areas may need increased heat.


Chilled Water Air Conditioning Systems

These type of air conditioning systems are utilized in customly designing large scale buildings. They provide a wide selection of indoor units which can be controlled and blended with the building's management system (BMS) and connected to a large capacity outdoor chiller unit. While the primary capital costs linked with chilled water air conditioning system can be large, the ongoing annual running costs, when compared to other air conditioning products, would be reduced by as much as 20%.


VRF or VRV Air Conditioners

These type of air conditioning systems can be used to custom design larger buildings, such as commercial project and very large offices. It allows an extensive and diverse selection of indoor units and control systems to be linked to one or more outdoor units.

Inverted Air Conditioners

An Inverter is a more advanced technology that operates considerably differently from a conventional air conditioner. An inverter operates like the accelerator of a car, it gently increases or decreases power. It reaches its specified desired temperature quicker and keeps it without erratic fluctuations. This indicates uninterrupted comfort and notable energy savings.

Whichever type of air conditioner you decide to go for, we are well skilled and experienced in its installation. After we have installed your commercial air conditioning unit or HVAC system, do not forget that we also are available to carry out air-conditioning inspection, repairs, and maintenance across all units.


Top 3 most popular air conditioners brand in commercial use in Australia – Fujitsu, Daikin & Mitsubishi

Choosing the right contractor should take precedence over choosing the right brand, the brand should be your secondary focal point. To make your brand choice easier, we compare the following factors from each brand: cost, power consumption, filters, efficiency and warranty of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning is any technology that is tasked to modify the condition of air either through cooling, cleaning, heating, movement or ventilation of the air. Below is a review of 3 Air Conditioners Brand – Fujitsu, Daikin & Mitsubishi.



Daikin Aircon Australia
Daikin's mandate is to bring comfort to the doorstep of your home, office and meet points through a controlled climate. They are the air conditioning specialist of Australian and indeed the world. The harsh and extreme weather conditions of Australia has enabled Daikin to come up with efficient but modest air conditioning designs using their technological savvy. They top our list because of this.

Daikin has designed efficient, reliable, pocket-friendly, and high-quality air conditioners. Daikin has developed less power consumption air conditioner fitted with inverters that help in adjusting and regulating the climate. In addition to its brilliance, their air conditioners are designed to be quiet and long-lasting. The Company uses the aesthetic design that has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity to enable users to operate it from within or outside the home.



Fujitsu Air Conditioning Australia
Air conditioners from the Fujitsu brand are designed with sleekness, outfitted with the latest technology and modern finishing. The company has made installation as easy as possible as each unit comes in numerous sizes and manageable weight. Their team is always working hard to produce air conditioners different from the ordinary; whether you intend to use it in a small bedroom or a large chapel. With its weight, our designers can help you mount on the wall.

Located on the side of each air conditioner is the most advanced air filter which aids oxidization and reduces ions by use of fine particle ceramic. This is regarded as the best cooling conditioner for your home and office conditioning solutions.



Mitsubishi Australia
When it comes to electronic products, the name Mitsubishi is not new. They are the producers of excellent and reliable air conditioning solutions and other high-value electrical products. They have received accolades as leaders in the green movement and applies the latest technologies in their products. Mitsubishi's air conditioning products are designed using the latest silencing technology and to save more on energy.

Mitsubishi is defined by comfortability, coolness, and quietness; that’s why it is rated as the world’s best. You can connect your smartphone to your Mitsubishi air conditioner giving you the freedom to be in total control of the entire unit using your Wi-Fi connectivity. Mitsubishi has also embraced the i-Save Mode. This mode lets you save on the energy by reducing power consumption.

Final Thought
The brands mentioned above are of high quality and very efficient. If you choose any name from the list, you will be amazed as you'll get best and lasting air conditioner that works flawlessly. A market search may bring out other brands that offer cheaper products, to be on the safe side, ensure you avoid such brands.

Cheap is cheap for a reason and most times, Cheap ends up being Expensive.

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