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Loumain Industrial Park Builder

Construction of Environmental Management, Waste & Recovery Facilities

Loumain’s track record and key competencies in this sector stem from a combination of

  • Our group’s experience in industrial construction

  • Technical expertise of our key staff and the ability to solve structural challenges

  • Experience and strong capabilities in environmental containment and remediation

  • Industry leading position in laboratory and sterile environment design and construction

  • Loumain’s certifications and accreditations (including ISO9001,14001, 45001, OFSC, PQC (QLD), CSR(VIC))


We serve clients in the resource recovery, demolition and waste handling sectors, waste-to-energy and bioenergy operators, as well as general manufacturing and processing plants with require management of hazardous storage and handling systems (e.g. fuels, contaminated soils and other forms of hazardous environments)


Our services tailored to the environmental management sector include

  • Structural strengthening and facility upgrades

  • Structural concrete works and concrete strengthening

  • Surface testing, remediation and coating

  • Façade system compliance remediation and strengthening

  • Underground and above ground tanks, bunkers and other containment and processing systems

  • New environmental processing plant installations (soil management, waste management, reuse and recycling)

  • Design, value engineering and constructability reviews

  • Project audits against the “chain of responsibility” framework identifying non-compliance, non-conformance and environmental gaps

  • Turnkey planning, design, construction, project and maintenance management

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Our projects are managed within state and Commonwealth environmental guidelines and follow the general principles of

  • Protecting the public’s health and safety

  • Protecting the environment

  • Ensuring efficient resource use

  • Following principles of sustainability


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