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One of the more commonly misplaced and underestimated record of construction process is correspondence.


All correspondence must have clear identifying name &/or numbering system linking the document to the Contract, specific activity (as required) and chronologically. For example, numbering of letters may assist in future traceability with associate records.

Planning the record management system is essential. All records associated with the project are to be archived in accordance with Departmental and Local procedures. Commercially sensitive (or other sensitive) material not archived may require destruction (for example, shredded).


Project diaries are used to record important site events and issues using a standardised form.

The diary should record items such as a description of events and resources, materials on site, plant breakdowns, site incidents and inspections. Diaries also provide invaluable information used in the assessment of variations, claims and disputes.

Key points for diary entries:
- Completed daily.
- Clear, concise and factual use of language.

Photo Records

Photographic records typically consist of:

  • Video footage
  • Digital photographs
  • Digital movies (mpeg files)
  • Photographic Surveillance.

Photographic records can be taken by anyone on a project however to successfully manage a large quantity of photographs, digital images provide significant advantages.

Legal Implications

There is concern that digital or scanned photographs could be manipulated and therefore not be used as evidence in a court of law. When arguing a case in court there are many forms of evidence which are used to argue a case and hence is not just limited to a single photograph. This reinforces the need to monitor the progress of the project by observing plant movements, productivity, lot records, diary records and numerous photographs.


When arranging for a suite of photographic records, issues of privacy may need to be considered. Communication with the contractor, including at the Pre start meeting, may address this issue.

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