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The six-step checklist below provides a basis for conducting an evaluation of the contract.

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  1. Has the contract facilitated the achievement of the activity identified in the approach to the market?
    Review the requirements set out in the original business case and tender. Assess how these requirements have developed during the life of the contract, then analyse the effectiveness of the contract in achieving the stated requirements.

  2. Did the contract achieve its objectives?
    This should involve a comparison of planned and actual milestones and activities carried out under the contract.

  3. Were stakeholders’ requirements met?

  4. Did the contract deliver quality outcomes?
    What quality management measures and monitoring tools were in place to check this step?

  5. How well did the performance regime work?
    Review performance against all standards and indicators set out in the contract. Assess whether the contractor provided all the required goods and services in line with agreed timeframes. Examine monitoring and assessment arrangements, including the performance regime established in the contract to ensure that they assisted with achieving contract outcomes.

  6. Did the management arrangements established by the acquiring entity facilitate achievement of contract outcomes?
    Examine how the relationship was managed and whether the level of resources and/or skills was sufficient to achieve contract outcomes.

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