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Basic BCA Performance Requirements and Provisions for Multi-Storey Buildings.

The BCA makes sure:
- each unit (known as ‘sole occupancy unit’) will be unaffected by a fire in adjoining unit, building or property;
- everyone in the building can safely get out of the building in the event of a fire;
- you install all the right fire safety systems such as hose reels and sprinklers; and
- some units are accessible to people with disabilities.

 The main points to remember are:

Fire Rating.

- the manufacturers’ technical information tells you the FRL or fire resistance of their products;
- walls on boundaries between properties and between different classes of buildings are always fire rated;
- every gap or hole in a wall, floor or around a penetration, must be sealed with a fire rated sealant;
- the entry door must be fire rated and have a self closer fitted;
- the maximum gap under a fire door is 10mm;
- doors into and out of fire stairs should open in the direction of travel; and
- all air conditioning and ventilation ducts must have a fire damper at any fire rated wall.


- must not have more than 18 risers and not less than two;
- balustrades must be at least 865mm above stair nosing (at least one metre in landings and balconies); and
- risers must not exceed 190mm (minimum 115mm) and treads not more than 355mm (minimum 250mm).

Paths of Travel.

- at least one metre wide;
- at least two metres high;
- have no trip points in floor;
- contain no stored goods;
- contain no combustible materials; and
- must have emergency lights and signs.

 Smoke alarm and/or detection system.

- within unit in public corridors & spaces

Exit signs & lighting.

- all paths of travel,
- all fire stairs.


- fire rated collars or sealants.


- protect if close to boundary.

Electrical equipment.

- non-combustible lined door,
- self-closing fire door in some areas.


- Class A fire risks


- if floor area exceeds 500 square metres.


- fire rated dampers at fire rated floors or walls

Top of walls.

- fire rated sealant to underside of roofs.

Fire doors.

- frame & door tagged,
- self closing 10mm max.

Hose reels.

- if hydrants installed.
- if no hydrants if fire compartment exceeds 500m2 - adjacent to hydrant - within 4m of exit.

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