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We work in a team with the best urban planning and town planning firms in order to deliver the most desirable outcomes for our clients.


Concept & consultation

In this early stage of project lifecycle clients engage us to provide budgets, schedules, constructability consultation and business feasibility studies. We work with town planning consultants and property consultants in order to compile accurate information about the investment before our clients commit to construction. 


Requirements & compliance, zoning

On your behalf, we work with relevant governing bodies to determine legislative requirements of the building, site and overall area against urban planning zones and planning schemes. We work with city planning departments to establish pathwas of the planning permit. We utilise available resources, extensive knowledge and experience in order to bring the application to the stage of council approval or development approval.


Market Research, demographic modelling

Our research team and property experts analyse existing area services, legal aspects of project related works, required permits and existing regulations.

  • We conduct demographic modelling, surveys and utilise business intelligence tools to prepare relevant reports and decission making tools for our clients.
  • We assist our clients in determining population trends and patterns 
  • Our researchers analyse market competitors and market conditions 


Reports, schedules, documentation, town planning application

We compile scope-of-works for the project and individual packages, timeline, gantt charts and tender documents.
Documentation in preparation for town planning may include

  • Relevant planning property report
  • Planning fees schedules
  • Full planning guide (including town plannig requirements)
  • Town planning drawings and reports (including traffic engineering, heritage reports etc)

Our town planning consultants can engage in the permit process application management on your behalf.


Finance, fee planning

Utilising our network of financial planning partners, brokers and major lenders we assist with securing project financing.


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