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LOUMAIN's experience spans across many areas. Industrial and commercial sectors we serve:


Aged care construction and retirement village refurbishments About aged care

Dental practice design, dental clinic fitout More about dental

Diagnostic imaging/radiology centre design, construction and fitout More about radiology

General practices and community medical centres. Planning, design, construction and fitout of GP clinics About medical centres

Vet clinics and animal hospital design, construction and surgery fitout More about vet clinics



Lab construction, research facility fitout More about labs


Retail and Commercial buildings

Shopping centre fitout, contruction of shopping malls More about shopping centres

Restaurant fitout, office fitout


Education and Childcare

Childcare centre construction and fitouts More about education

School builders, higher education and training centre construction


Community and Government


Worship and Churches

Church construction and fitout 


Manufacturing, Warehouses and Logistics

Warehouse construction, manufacturing facilities fitout, logistic centre design, construction and fitout More about indusrtial construction


We engage in early planning, feasibility studies, building design and costing, construction and fitout as well as project management and consulting of the sectors we serve.
We provide individual, tailored services during each stage of the project or offer a turnkey design & construct solution.


Commercial Builder Hospitals Loumain

Public and private healthcare facility construction and fitout

Our design and construction methodology integrates areas of consideration such as hospital fitout accomodating various functions, modalities and spaces

These include diagnostic and treatment functions, such as clinical laboratories, imaging, emergency rooms, and surgery; hospitality functions, such as food service and housekeeping; and the fundamental inpatient care or bed-related function. This diversity is reflected in the breadth and specificity of regulations, codes, and oversight that govern hospital construction and operations.

Click on cover below to read more about our function specific healthcare construction and fitout capability

 Aged Care Brochure CoverCover Labs Dental Brochure Cover
Healthcare construction and fitout: Aged care, Labs, Dental, GP Clinics, Radiology Centres, Vet Clinics

Gp Brochure Cover Radiology Brochure CoverVet Brochure Cover

Aged Care Brochure Cover Case Study Loumain Aged Care



Loumain Aged Care Builders

Development planning, design management and aged care construction solutions.

  • We work with architects, project managers, engineers to deliver projects (as part of turnkey D&C delivery) or as a general contractor (aged care builder only involved in the construction phase)
  • Our key staff have over a decade of healthcare operations experience in addition to building and construction of aged care facilities.
  • We are able to assist our clients with meeting compliance requirements, proposing cost-effective and high quality solutions during the aged care design phase
  • We are well equipped to deliver aged care construction projects on time, even if working in live environments (working within an operating aged care centre)


Experience and expertise in the health and aged care sector construction

We are able to assist clients at any stage of the project life-cycle:

We are fully aware of the requirements and complexities of aged care facility construction as well as retirement living centre planning and project deployment.

Delivering superior quality in construction, fitout, design and project management in aged care construction
Projects completed include aged care facility upgrades, retirement village construction and unit development. We have worked with clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane areas and are ready to discuss your next projects wherever you are, Australia-wide.
We assist our clients with selecting environmentally friendly, sustainbale and cost effective methods and materials, provide full documentation and quality control and help with total project budgeting and management.
Loumain is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certified and FSC accredited.

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Contact our Brisbane or Melbourne office for more information or to discuss your aged care facility construction fitout or design.



Loumain's GP Clinic construction and fitout expertise & experience


Modern, cost effective medical clinic design and construction of medical centres. 

At Loumain we have extensive experience in turnkey clinic development, premise renovation, building alteration and more. We offer feasibility studies, grant application assistance and advice to General Practitioners, Practice Managers and Clinic Owners.


Medical Centers, General Practice, Specialist Suites, Day Procedure Centre, Superclinics

At Loumain we have been constructing hospital and community based health facilities ranging from community health centres and regional health to multi-disciplinary medical centres.
We know that given its functional complexities, specialist medical building starts with careful planning, drawing out what doctors and practice managers have in mind, as well as accomodating medical staff and patients. We are not only medical centre builders, but advisors and planners working in collaboration with clients, architects and engineers to deliver the best possible outcome.


Transparency and collaboration while working with clients, healthcare architects and designers. Turnkey design & construct management

We also facilitate a comprehensive and collaborative approach for each project, whether it involves medical centre construction and design, refurbishment of existing premises and retro-fitting rooms. Our network of healthcare real estate specialists can assist our clients with property searches.

Our pre-qualified group of financial partners can assist our clients with project finance.
Loumain team also assists clients with town planning and permits, accreditation, lease & sub-lease agreements and much more. 

Contact our Melbourne or brisbane office for a list of completed projects and case studies. 

 Loumain General Practice Builder Loumain General Practice Fitout Loumain Superclinic Design Loumain Medical Centre Construction Loumain Medical Clinic Construction Loumain Medical Fit Out Companies Medical Practice Builders Loumain Medical Fit Out Loumain 

Medical Centers, General Practice, Specialist Suites, Day Procedure Centre, Superclinics - broad range of services:



Capability Brochure Medical Centre Gp ClinicHealthcare Cover Case Study Loumain Gp Clinic



Take advantage of our experience, creativity, and technical skills to turn your dental centre project into reality - all within your budget and timeline. Contact us for a obligation free consultation on dental centre design management, construction and fitout.

Loumain project delivery combines the experience of affiliated architects, interior designers, property specialists and contractors with our extensive experience in healthcare building and fitout. We are committed to quality and timely delivery within budget constraints. We are well equipped to serve your needs - whether a single dentist room, multi-modality dental centre, or a dental specialist surgery such as:

  • Periodontics clinics,
  • Oral and maxillofacial consulting rooms and procedure centres,
  • Orthodontics clinics,
  • Comprehensive dental hospital fitouts
  • and more...

Dental practice base building, civil works, turnkey fitout

One of the significant advantages of working with Loumain is our competency and scope of capabilities which goes beyond a single function (such as construction only). We are experienced in property searches and cost-benefit analysis, purchase or lease negotiation, greenfield site developments, retro-fitting and all related commercial construction works, including civil works and specialist services (electrical, HVAC, hydraulic and environmental).

Welcoming, modern dental clinic reception and waiting area

The first point of contact with your patients is the reception area. Browse our fitout ideas (dental clinics and dental surgery centres) for inspiration or let us design and build one that is uniquely and distinctively yours.

Micsa Medical Practice Fitout Design3 Reception Micsa Reception Waiting Fitout Design9 

Micsa Reception Fitout Design10 Space Micsa Reception Desk Fitout Design22


Facilities and services accommodating the needs of doctors, nurses, office staff and patients.

At LOUMAIN, we are experienced in both the design, building and remodeling (refurbishment) of medical and dental centres as well as specialist dental surgery offices.
Our project managers have background in healthcare operations and fully understand the importance of efficient patient and staff workflow. Our construction managers have an in-depth understanding of compliance requirements, best-practices and healthcare standards as well as specialist equipment installation and setup.

Use the examples below to get a feel for space planning, dental interior ideas, space and room planning and colour scheme or let us work with you to create one that is suitable for your needs..

Micsa Dental Fitout Design8 Victoria Micsa Dental Fitout Design11 Vic Nsw 

Micsa Dental Fitout Design12 Tasmania Micsa Dental Fitout Design15 South Australia

 Micsa Dental Fitout Design21 Hospital Micsa Dental Fitout Design36 Equipment

At Loumain we provide:

Capability Brochure Dental Clinic FitoutHealthcare Cover

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Every animal hospital is unique. A clinic in CBD will have different needs (design, space, workflow etc) from an animal care clinic on the suburbs or in regional areas. We work with clients from early stages to incorporate exactly what you require.

Our extensive knowledge in clinic design and construction allows us to guide you in the process of planning. In concept stages we work together with you and the treatment team to address functional issues like animal management, staff workflow, room sizes, access and efficiency as well as animal housing and consumables storage. 

We have worked with clients wishing to establish greenfield centres and hospitals, as well as retro-fitting a clinic into an existing building envelope. Depending on your specific needs we will work on either the entire building construction (including all civil works as well as permit and planning) or planning, desigigning and fitting out an existing shell. Our in-house project managers ensure your fitout is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Each functional space is carefully described and planned to meet your needs, whether a set of veterinary consulting rooms, sterile areas, pathology  and laboratories facilities, xray rooms, operating theatres, animal wash areas or grooming facilities.

 Vet Clinic Operating Room  Vet Clinic Room1 

Vet Clinic Xray  Vet Clinic Construction

Veterinary Centre Project Plan & Design

If you have a concept in mind but would like to know the timeline of delivery, you should talk to us. We can offer a complete "design & construct" package or alternatively only assist in this early stage.

Project Consulting & Assessments

Sometimes our clients, both smaller practices or large organisations, require a helping hand in assessing the scope of the project or need an extra set of professional "eyes" to look over an existing proposal or tender.

Scope of Works & Trade Breakdowns

Designing and defining clear scope of work documents is often key to a faster delivery, especially in projects such as hospital construction general healthcare building. Our consultants work hard to avoid unnecessary cost overruns. In addition MICSA can assist with sub-tendering of individual project components (such as mechanical, hydraulic etc).

Coordination with Equipment Vendors

Equipment layout, infrastructure requirements (power, sterilisation, access, compliance etc), workflow planning for specific modalities, medical equipment tenders.

Interior Design & Fitout

Fitouts that meet the latest standards and requirements and client's budgets. Interior colour schemes creating a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Work with one of our design partners or engage your own design firm to work with us.

Permit Process Management

Application review and audits. Building permit as well as planning permit submission and management.


Structural and mechanical engineering plan, design and management. Engineering consulting.

Financial Planning

Assistance with equipment and project finance. Break-even analysis of projects cashflow analysis.


Procurement Process Planning. RFP and RFQ process.

 We service veterinary interior and design clients all over Australia and beyond. Our clinic construction specialists have worked with clients in most major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Loumain services all Australian states and territories, our construction team services most areas in Eastern states (Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland).

 At Loumain we provide:



Vet Brochure Cover Healthcare Cover


 Our senior staff have extensive experience in radiology design and construction. We are confident you will not find a better choice for DI project management.

Radiology fitout expertise

Our team of radiology experts have in-depth understanding of the procurement, installation and commissioning of new and replacement and retro-fitting of services such as MRI, CT Scan suites, nuclear medicine and general x-ray. We have significant in-house resources and external relationships - from suppliers of cutting-edge imaging equipment to specialist architects, engineers, physicysts,


Planning, designing, meeting accreditation

Any new diagnostic and therapeutic imaging centre involves very specific set of requirements and project roadmaps.

The imaging department within a hospital or as a stand-alone centre can be treated as a separate business as it is an important revenue and workflow centre. In addition to providing routine and specialised diagnostic services with imaging technique for indoor, out-patients and walk-in patients it can also involve services such as nuclear medicine as well as interventional radiology.

 At Loumain we provide:



Public and private hospital construction works. Medical centre and healthcare construction projects - new wings, additions to bunkered treatment suites, renovations as well as staged expansion programs.

Builders of new aged care facilities, retirenment village and communities. Aged care construction specialist building firm serving Victoria, NSW and QLD. Lifestyle communities and assisted living

Loumain designs and builds General Practices, Medical Centre GP Clinic construction and fitout experts. Melbourne medical design and construction company, medical interior design and fitout.

Dental surgeries and dentist centres in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia. Dental practice construction, Dental suite fitout

Veterinary centre fitout specialists and Animal Hospital construction managers. Vet clinic design and build serving Victoria, News South Wales, Queensland.

Radiology department design and construction, nuclear medicine, CT room, Xray, Dental xray and radiology equipment installation, diagnostic imaging fitout - serving radiology centres in Victoria, NSW and QLD. 

Lab and research facility design, construction and fitout. Laboratories, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, sterile environment builders, contractors and project managers.

Childcare, kindergarten and school construction contractors. Serving the education, training and learning sectors. Design, building, project management for educational client sin Victoria, NSW and QLD.

Childcare, schools, tafe, education and learning and training building construction and fitout. Government facility, libraries and municipal offices fitout.

Commercial builders, retail, shopping centre, precincts and malls renovation, fitout and new retail construction. Office fitout contractors, mixed use restaurant, bar, offices construction, project management and costing.

Construction of factories, warehouses and industrial parks. Serving the industrial, manufacturing and logistics sectors. Industrial building and design, project management, cost management.

Restaurant, cafe, pub building firm serving Victoria, NSW and QLD. Lifestyle communities and assisted living