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Loumain engages in both traditional (design, bid, build) as well as turnkey delivery models.


In the construct-only model, the project is fully documented by an external design team engaged by the client/principal. In the design & construct model (also known as "turnkey" or in some sectors as EPCM - engineering, procurement, construction, management), the principal engages us in early stages in order to deliver planning services, conceptual drawings, design and documentation, secure all required approvals, plan construction, procure resources and manage the entire process leading to final delivery.

PEPCM - closing the "responsibility gap"

Loumain consultants engaged early in the process are able to deliver a pre-project planning service.
This delivery is referred to by us as PEPCM (Planning + Engineering + Procurement + Construction + Management)

This allows for securing planning and development permits from relevant statutory bodies, including local councils. The PEPCM model reduces client risk, as the principal of the project is relieved from most risks and obligations, other than acceptance of design recommendations and specifications. This model also increase collaboration and alignment of goals and values between all participating parties.

This model also reduces the "responsibility gap" - a situation in which the principal initially engages a design team and accepts the design, later engages a contractor to deliver the construction of the project and the construction contractor does not take the responsibility for the design. The turnkey model also limits or eliminates the meed for the building contractor to require variations related to the design - as there is only one point of responsibility for both design and construction.

PEPCM Stages

Turnkey delivery is especially preferred when the scope of the project is complex or unknown. In this method Loumain represents the client and delivers the following milestones:
  1. Working with the client and relevant stakeholders in establishing a baseline design brief, operational and financial requirements

  2. Liaising with the relevant statutory bodies, councils and town planners to establish a clear pathway for planning or development permit
  3. Closely collaborating with a design team (such as architectural firm or specialty design consultants) in order to deliver the full design brief, specifications, conceptual design and working drawings as well as a  detailed design, construction and materials standards guideline. By participating in this stage our estimators, structural experts and fitout team are keeping a close eye on constructability, efficiencies, cost and timeline (construction program)

  4. Procuring design requirements, including materials and services. In the PEPCM model we have the ability to engage in the process 6-8 weeks earlier than we would normally under a traditional delivery model.

  5. Delivering the full construction service which is fully managed in-house (general construction + project management). This includes all site works (including civil construction, earthworks, groundworks and drainage)

The client sometimes engages an external superintendent in order to administer the contract or utilises an internal project manager (working for the client) to provide administration and supervision.

The Value of Relationships

Over many years of trialling and successfully delivering projects based on various models, we found that a turnkey model allows for

  • Stronger aligning of values and increased collaboration between the client and us.
    The PEPCM delivery model saves our clients time and money, it does not increase our margins. In this model we spend significantly more resources in order to fully understand the functional and operational requirements and needs of our client's business. We also allow the client access to our in-house resources and knowledge in early stages of planning and designing.

  • Stronger collaboration and aligning of common delivery needs between the design consultants and us.
    We have built strong relationships for top architects, draftspersons and engineers and through the process have developed a better understanding of their design process and architectural language. In return, the design team we work with have allowed us to assist in the design phase to reach a common goal which aligns with the client's goal and needs.

  • Better quality, safety and cost control.
    By engaging our engineering and construction team in each phase of the process, we work hard to minimise potential design inefficiencies and introduce strong quality and cost efficiency methods much earlier in the project delivery process.


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